conservatory roof repairs chester

Conservatory Roof Repairs

Wirral, Liverpool, Chester, Ellesmere Port and local areas

There’s nothing worse than a leaking conservatory roof!

But don’t worry Clearview Glass & Glazing offer all types of conservatory roof repairs that include a 10-year guarantee.

From misted double glazing roof panels to cracked polycarbonate roof panels, we can help.​

Transform The Appearance of your Conservatory

Conservatory Roof Panel Replacement

Plastic & Polycarbonate roofs typically begin to fail after fifteen to twenty years, depending on the quality of the roof and location. This is because the ultra-violet sacrificial layer on the outside of the panel begins to lose its longevity, which in turn makes the roof discolour, resulting in it becoming a beige/light brown colour.  

The next stage of failure is cracking and holing due to hailstone penetration because without any sun protection the Polycarbonate becomes brittle.

Here at Clearview Glass & Glazing we replace the damaged conservatory roof panels to allow more natural light into your home.

conservatory roof repairs chester
conservatory roof repairs chester

Poor Light into Conservatories

Let Some Light into your Life

Deterioration due to failure of the conservatory roof panels described above and general wear that causes etching and roughness of the outer surface of the glazing, to which algae and grime can readily adhere, can result in a very significant deterioration in light levels in many cases by up to 50%.
Once this occurs the only solution is to replace the conservatory roof panels; this is an opportunity to transform the conservatory back to an ‘as new’ condition, and dramatically improve light in both the conservatory and the adjacent rooms as the roof panels determines both the appearance and the comfortable use of a conservatory.

Other Conservatory Repairs

As well as conservatory roof repairs we can also provide conservatory double glazing window and door repairs including misted double glazing and broken locks.


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