Composite doors are a hugely popular choice for many homeowners. They are high quality and offer excellent levels of insulation, so are a fantastic solution in terms of functionality. However, whilst these characteristics are very important to consider when choosing a new door for your property, we find that the element of most concern to most people is simply how it looks! The good news is that as well as providing great performance, composite doors also look amazing! Available in a wide selection of colours and styles, custom made composite doors can be tailored to suit any home.

A custom-made, top of the range composite door we created is the perfect example. We were approached by a client who enquired about a brand new door for her property, but wondered whether it was possible for it to be purple. A little different from most of the front doors we provide, but certainly not a problem for the Clearview Glass & Glazing team!

We designed and manufactured the door based on the client’s requirements, including stunning bevelled glass from the Reflections range, before carrying out the complete installation at her property. The end result was striking and the client was over the moon with her gorgeous and unique composite door.

If you are in the market for a new composite door in Liverpool, Chester, Wirral or the surrounding areas, get in touch with our friendly team today.


Composite Door – Before


Custom Made Purple Composite Door Liverpool

Free Locks Fitted Nov – Dec 2021

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