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How do I know if I have Aluminium (metal) or UPVC (plastic) windows and doors?

Measure the edge of the open door or window, Aluminium thickness is approx 30mm-50mm and tends to have a wooden sub-frame, UPVC is approx 60mm-80mm. Aluminium is colder to touch then UPVC but can still appear like UPVC when plastic coated

My double glazing is really old can you still repair it?

99% of the time yes even if the broken part is discontinued we can use similar parts

I need a cat flap fitted into the bottom of my door?

The lower door panel if in glass can be changed to a solid panel with a cat flap fitted. Therefore you can keep the glass panel and refit when you move home

My tilt and turn window is not functioning correctly?

Most times this is because the window has dropped or jumped a cog inside the drive gear and can be rectified with a few adjustments.

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